Sky Busting- shooting at a bird that is out of range.


Water Squatting- shooting a bird off of the the water.


Jump shooting- sneaking up on bird in the shallow water or a farm pond to shoot them.


Sheet water- shallow water about a foot in depth or less. Mainly flooded crop field.


Open water-  large body of water over a foot in depth. Mainly a lake.


Timber hole- an opening of water in a flooded area of woods such as hard bottom oaks or cypress slough.


Lead Era- time in waterfowling history when it was legal to shoot lead. 1900 or later


The birds finishing- when a birds make their last pass and land in the decoys.


They lite in the decoys- another term for birds landing in the decoys.


Cupped up- term used for a bird get in a body position with their wings arched to land.


Boots on - a term for when birds are getting ready to land and stretch their legs put to Land in water or a field.


Factory chokes- changeable shotgun chokes the came with shotgun from manufacturer.


After market chokes- custom changeable chokes that came from a company that specializes in chokes.


Fixed chokes- a shotgun barrel  that is  cut to a specific chokes diameter and can't  be changed. 


Duck nicknames

 Drake Mallard- green head


Hen duck - Susie term for female duck of any species 


Norther pintail- sprig, penny (drake pintail ) Bull Sprig


Gadwall- Grey duck


Canvasback- Cans or for a drake Bull Can


Norther Shovler- Hollywood, Spoonbill, Spoony, smiling mallard.


Ring neck- Black Jack


Lesser or Greater Scaup- blue bill or Dosgris (French for Grey back)


Coot- mud Hen, marsh Hen, water chicken or Pouldeau ( water chicken in french)


White fronted Goose- Speck, Specklebelly, Bar Belly, Tar belly (Goose with solid black bell) or chicken ( juvenile Goose has not developed bars on belly)


Wood Duck- Woodie


Black belly whistling Duck- squealer.


Norther Wigeon - cotton top


American Black Duck & Mottle Duck- Black Mallard 


Sand Hill Crane-Rib eye of the Sky